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K20/K24 "Ultimate" Camshafts Available!

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the highly rated K20 DIC camshafts that myself an NEV Motorsport developed from our time at TDi North are once again available.


True Drop-In (DIC) camshafts working fine with stock valvetrain or if uprated springs and oil pump are fitted still make power all the way to 9000rpm with supporting mods.

Since early 2004 we had been working with some top manufacturers involved with development of camshaft profiles for the Honda K20 motor. In America Toda began running a new profile called the N2 for a single class competition series and staff at we were working closely in developing the ECU calibration file that was sent out as part of the Toda engine package as we were running and testing the cams here in the UK.

We were then testing some other makes of cams from US manufactures to ensure compatibility with the Euro K20 engines where we were running the profiles in our own cars competitively and feeding back our findings.

In 2011 we decided to take the step and develop our own camshafts with the goal that they would be true “drop-in” cams so retaining the stock valve-train but at the same time give outstanding performance and reliability. There are many options available for aftermarket cams but the majority require up-rating the valve-springs which with the increased costs of the parts and labour make a simple cam swap cost prohibitive to many and given that the only true drop in cams available were the pretty mild JDM camshafts from the FD2 and DC5.

The outcome was the creation of a new profile that retained the factory 12.8mm lift but with slight changes in ramp angles and duration crated a curve that was comparable with the JDM cams on low cam but exceeding the JDM on the high cam.

These "Ultimate" Cams have a much more aggressive low cam profile giving considerable uplift on the original Stage 1's resulting in a better low down and mid range power delivery. The High cam profile remains unchanged from the original Stage 1 profiles.

With the supplied and fitted option this does not include upgraded injectors where required but does include tuning for them. You will also need to have a suitable engine management solution ie: Haltech, Ecutek or Hondata and price does not include any ECU solution or licences.