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Milltek Civic Cup

TPW Engineering - Creator and supplier of control maps and ECUs for the Civic Cup Championship since 2011

One of the biggest class production fields at events and growing stronger under the new management of Maximum Motorsport and there is nothing like seeing 30+ Type-R's flying past and can't wait to see them next year as the field continues to expand.


Since the early days back in 2011 we was working together with the organisers to remap the cars, originally the old B16 ones on Hondata S300s then when the EP3s started arriving on the grid we were asked to create a solid control map suitable for the control parts fitted that would give a proven 230bhp which we did and is still used to this day in the 2024 series.

Every EP3 that has run in Civic Cup has had one of our maps which we are very proud of given how well and consistent the cars have been as well as incorporating the flexibility of allowed parts and engine changes.

2022 see's the introduction of a new Production Class FN2 as well as a new set of control modifications for the "Cup" Modified cars both EP3 and FN2s that working alongside the Civic Cup Championship organisers we will be responsible for creating and supplying control maps for these cars as well.

The EP3s will continue to run the Hondata ecus currently used but the FN2s will be running Ecutek software on stock ECUs giving unparalleled performance along with great value and also making the ECUs easier to manage and control moving ahead.

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Quick link to people needing ECU's certifying for the current season with latest calibration update and MSA sealing order through this link and its £75 + postage - Civic Cup ECU Re-Calibration & MSA Sealing — TPW Engineering