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PRL High Volume Intake Kit FL5


The development of the High Volume Intake System for the FL5 Civic Type-R and DE5 Acura Integra platform is complete. We have applied what we learned from our FK8 HVI and made significant improvements to the construction, materials, and overall design resulting in an Intake that rivals the best options on the market. Our FL5 Civic Type-R High Volume Intake system uses a 6" cone filter and an HDPE rotomolded air box. This air box uses the factory air duct and seal for optimal airflow and heat-soak reduction.

The factory rubber inlet connects to the box and extends over the core support. This rubber duct seals to the hood and channels air into the air box via a duct in front of the radiator support. Our experience with the FK8 taught us the importance of keeping these cars cool during hard driving. Third-party testing revealed a 10-20hp loss when the hood is closed, indicating that the factory duct is a point of restriction. In response, we developed the secondary duct to address this issue of air starvation.

With this integration we maximized the opening size to be as large as possible, along with the secondary duct eliminating any restrictions associated with airflow into the box. As a result, there is a 133% increase in airflow over the OE unit. It is no secret that a more freely breathing engine produces more power. In order to maintain this free-breathing design throughout the entire intake system, we have also included our typical stepped silicone design which matches each piece of silicone to each connection point. This ensures a smooth transition between all intake components and minimises intake tract resistance.

As with all intakes produced by PRL, our primary objective is to provide a factory-like fuel trim for optimal drivability. We dedicated considerable time to designing what we believe to be the best intake system/MAF housing on the market. We are confident that our High Volume Intake System for the FL5 and DE5 platform will exceed your expectations, delivering the performance and quality that has become synonymous with the name PRL.