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PRL FL5 Intercooler


As with any turbocharged vehicle, heat-soak is an issue on the newest generation of FL5 Civic Type R, especially if you're still using the factory intercooler. This can lead to power loss and even detonation, especially when pushing your vehicle to its limits. The solution? Consider upgrading to the PRL Motorsports intercooler. With a 600+ horsepower rated bar-and-plate core, this intercooler can decrease charge air temperatures and increase airflow, thanks to its 31% increased surface area and improved internal flow. Billet machined aluminium end tanks help to maximize efficiency, while the extended intercooler fins take up the entire width of the front bumper's opening, allowing for optimal cooling and airflow. Installation is a breeze as this intercooler can be mounted using factory spots and air ducts/shrouds. Don't let heat-soak slow you down, upgrade to the PRL Motorsports intercooler for improved performance.

This kit is a direct replacement for the factory cooler, making for a pain free install that requires no further modification. Whilst it can be installed and run safely without a tune, for the best results we recommend mapping to maximise the performance benefits.