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Pipercross Induction System Honda Civic Type R FL5 23+


Our R&D Team have worked tirelessly designing, prototyping, testing an all new Intake System (PK444) for the FL5 Type R Platform.
The PK444 Intake System saw some very positive dyno-graph figures when tested back to back with the OEM Intake, gaining a little over 10HP & 20lb/ft torque at 2,800rpm. Pair the performance gain with a lively induction sound & we've got one great all around Intake System.
Kit includes 1x air filter, 1x heatshield and a downpipe extending in to the turbo.

Pipercross Induction Systems remove the restrictive factory airbox to offer the maximum possible airflow into the engine.

All filters use Pipercross composite airflow technology and systems are only released for production when they are bench-flow tested and make an improvement in airflow performance.

Pipercross induction sytems are highly recommended for optimum performance.

Intakes also have an improved look over OEM and increase intake noise to improve your driving experience. These do not affect manufacturers warranty.