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PhoneFlash FN2 Remote Tuning full Package!



Includes Ecutek Bluetooth connect module, PhoneFlash account registration, Licencing and full remote tuning with adjustable traction control included FOC, limited time deal!

With over 20 years experience of tuning the Honda K20 engines we are able to create custom calibration files to your specific setup and requirements thanks to the software's unique way of data-logging so many parameters we are able to construct a calibration that would be within 5% of what we could achieve if the car was actually being remapped on a dyno.

Due to the nature of reliance of on-board sensors we are only able to offer this service to people with NA setups however if your building a boosted project car we can still help you get the car up and running so its ready to get to the dyno when time allows.

Typical timescales for completing a remote tune via returning logs and files would be approx. 5 updates but maybe more required in some cases as we can collect so much data very quickly with varied driving styles we will guide you through.


Standard Features Included upon agreement of requirement:

  • Lower Vtec
  • Raised Rev limiter
  • Adjustable launch control
  • Eco Map
  • Flat Foot Shifting
  • Rev Match on Downshifts
  • Crackle on over-run through Custom switch
  • Valet mode through Custom switch
  • Security mode
  • Adjustable mode Traction Control

Below are actual screen grabs from the Free Ecutek Bluetooth App with the added features all selectable through the app touch screen.

  • Full Menu
  • New Map Switch modes
  • Custom switch inputs
  • Adjustable launch control
  • Datalogging live parameters
  • Editable custom gauges

NOTE - The addition of the Ecutek Bluetooth module allows "Non" GT cars ability to run multi maps with many of the features previously not possible.



Traction Control

The Traction control system includes a progressive wheel slip strategy utilising both throttle and ignition control that is far superior to the basic stock VSA system that's quite obtrusive

In the last video below it shows the system working on a Turbocharged car where you can hear when the ECU detects wheel slip then   is cutting the throttle and ignition to keep the wheels gripping even with the very greasy road.