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Marlin "EXCHANGE" - FN2 "Ecutek" Remapped ECU (Now with more options!)




The Marlin FN2 Remap is exclusive to TPW Engineering and is suitable for cars that are standard or have basic modifications.

Programmed using an Ecutek base file created by us with a licence applied means that the ECU is completely custom mappable later at a reduced price and also compatible with our Ecutek Remote Tuning systems.

Available as a complete new ECU supplied and configured or onto a customer supplied ECU at reduced cost the choice is yours. You can also sell the ECU on later and get a large portion of money invested back!

New for 2020 we have now added the option to purchase the amazing Bluetooth Connect module synchronised to the ECU directly so that it gives the possibility to change maps, datalog, interrogate error codes and create custom gauges all through your phone or compatible head unit!

Also with the Bluetooth connect we have changed the functionality to free up an extra map slot (4 in total) to allow the crackle map to become selectable through a program button on the app in all modes as well as adding a valet map again in all modes and security map all at no extra cost!

As well as the addition of the Connect Module we have also added the possibility of ordering traction control. Without the Connect Module it will be a fixed rate system but with Bluetooth Connect it becomes adjustable again all through the app in all modes.

Standard Features Included:

  • Lower Vtec
  • Raised Rev limiter
  • Adjustable launch control*
  • Flat foot shifting*
  • Blips on downshift*
  • Crackle on over-run*
New for 2020:
  • Crackle on over-run through Custom switch**
  • Valet mode through Custom switch**
  • Security mode**
  • Fixed mode Traction Control option
  • Adjustable mode Traction Control option**

* Available for GT model vehicles with cruise control buttons
** Available for vehicles with Bluetooth Connect Module

Below are actual screen grabs from the Free Ecutek Bluetooth App with the added features all selectable through the app touch screen.

  • Full Menu
  • New Map Switch modes
  • Custom switch inputs
  • Adjustable launch control
  • Datalogging live parameters
  • Editable custom gauges

NOTE - The addition of the Ecutek Bluetooth module allows "Non" GT cars ability to run multi maps with many of the features previously not possible.



More details on the Ecutek Bluetooth module can be found here:

Stage 1 ECU Remap

Warning - The Stage1 Remap is not suitable for cars with an exhaust manifold fitted. For these you will need the Stage2 Remap.

Configured for a high flow intake and quality Catback exhaust system the ECU will run fine with everything from a stock car to one with the described modifications and any similar kits. With a raised rev limiter to 8600rpm and vtec lowered to 3800rpm it benefits from a much improved throttle response everywhere and increased midrange power due to the lower vtec and optimised cam advance.

The ECU will be fine running on 95Ron fuel but higher is recommended.

(Upgrade to Stage2 is possible at extra cost if manifold is added later)

Stage 2 ECU Remap

Configured for a high flow intake, Toda/Tegiwa/Japspeed "style" exhaust manifold and quality high flow exhaust system the ECU will run fine with any combination of the described modifications so don't need to be identical.
With a raided limiter to 8600rpm and vtec at 4000rpm when full throttle (6000rpm part throttle) it benefits from a much improved throttle response everywhere and massively increased midrange due to the lower vtec and optimised cam advance.

The ECU will be fine running on 95Ron fuel but higher is recommended.

Traction Control

The Traction control system includes a progressive wheel slip strategy utilising both throttle and ignition control that is far superior to the basic stock VSA system that's quite obtrusive

In the last video below it shows the system working on a Turbocharged car where you can hear when the ECU detects wheel slip then   is cutting the throttle and ignition to keep the wheels gripping even with the very greasy road.

Instructions can be found here