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Developed specifically for Race / Track and Kswaps this is a cost effective Plug & Play High end ECU solution for cars that don’t need the functionality of more complex expensive ECU's.

This is a perfect solution to replace outdated Hondata equipped cars with it's expandability, diagnostics, resolution, and datalogging features making it ideal for club and 1 make series racing. 

The base for this system is the Haltech Elite 550 entry level ECU which keeps the costs down due to its restricted inputs and outputs available compared to the units costing 2-3x the money but we have overcome this with the supplied CAN breakout which we can easily expand the number of inputs and outputs by adding optional expanders as well as other products to cover pretty much any requirements the majority of owners will want. 



The basic kit includes a Haltech Elite 550 with latest firmware to allow VVT cam control and PNP harness adapter for stock K20A2 EP3 or DC5 harness and mechanical switch for reverse lockout.


  • Control for Normally aspirated including ITB's or forced induction
  • Load sensing by Throttle Position (TPS), Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) or Mass Air Flow (MAF)
  • Sequential, semi-sequential, batch or multipoint injection patterns
  • Ignition modes include Direct fire multi-coil, Distributor ignition, or Haltech CDI systems
  • Connect to a wide range of Dashes, displays and expansion devices via CAN.
  • Waterproof case (IP67) (with USB cover fitted)
  • Internal 4 Bar MAP sensor measuring up to 300kPa/3Bar/45psi of boost pressure.
  • Up to 33 channels of Input & Output (I/O) expansion (via CAN)
  • USB Laptop Communication (Windows)


  • O2 Control - Closed Loop with Long Term Learning - for precise tuning (With optional external CAN O2 Wideband Controller Kit).
  • Boost Control - Closed loop with learning with flexible user-definable axis and 6 fully user-definable corrections modes - for example, boost by gear, road speed etc.
  • Flex Fuel Function (Direct sensor input) - Tune your engine's boost, fuel and ignition by ethanol content
  • Low Impedance Injector control with Programmable Injector Peak and Hold Currents
  • On-board and Laptop data logging - Data log all available channels directly to your laptop's hard drive for both tuning and diagnostics
  • CAN Bus communication for Haltech Dashes and expansion devices or OBDII (view live engine data and set and clear diagnostic trouble codes)
  • ECU comes fully enabled, with no additional charges for advanced features.


  • Tuning Table Resolution up to 32 x 16
  • Limitless tuning flexibility -Tune your engine by a combination of 3D tuning tables combined with 3D per cylinder compensations and multiple user-definable corrections
  • Tune by a combination of manifold pressure, throttle position, cam position, ethanol content, gear, road speed, race time, EGT, shock travel, ride height or any channel for ultimate flexibility - Dual mapping is a thing of the past.
  • Per Cylinder Tuning Correction - 3D
  • Wideband O2 - Connect up to 3 Channels via CAN expansion devices
  • Thermocouples / EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) - Connect up to 12 Channels via external CAN expansion devices
  • Variable cam control - Independently control up to 2 camshafts - Requires a minimum of 1 user-defined input and output per variable cam


  • Multiplex module for standard EP3/DC5 dash to give temperature and battery indication - Not required on KSWAP original dash's or digital dash's which take their readings direct via CAN - (This will require specific coolant sensor calibration to the ECU at time of mapping or it will read incorrectly)
  • Haltech IC7 digital dash that will display all ECU data and with firmware updates allows additional inputs and outputs to be configured all programmed through NSP software.
  • Haltech CAN wideband for accurate mapping and fuelling control - (sold separately)


Due to the limited functionality of the Elite 550 ECU there is no onboard knock control and no Idle control so the ICV will need disabling and blanking. Reverse lockout is also not available on the ECU so there is a mechanical switch supplied with the kit that will need fitting in an accessible position.

We will be offering a buy-back on old "Working" ECUs when we are carrying out setup and mapping. Mapping will be £500 for an NA car and £600 for a boosted one or ITBs.

BUY-BACK Offer is £75 for a stock PRA/PRC/PRD K20 ECU, £300 for a K100 ECU and £400 for a Kpro equipped ECU. (Buy-back does not apply for any other socketed or modified ECUs)


·        Mechanical Reverse lock out switch so if speed sensor fails due to box damage it won't make shifting hard or lock you out

·        No Idle control which removes another problematic system so will need blanking and setting on adjuster screw

·        VTEC activation has removed VSS and Oil Pressure sensor inputs to reduce issues with sensor failures effectively disabling VTEC and reducing power.

·        Dual MAP sensor option in case of failure using factory one but you can re-configure easily to use the onboard ECU 4Bar MAP sensor

·        On-board 10 channel ECU logging

·        Ability to expand via CAN with extra IO’s, Flex sensor, Wideband, CAN-PAD or Haltech Dash’s which with latest firmware offer extra configurable IO’s operating effectively as a self contained PMU

·        Configure and setup Motorsport functions as necessary - (Extra IO’s maybe required via expansion modules)

·        Setup and configure transmission control options - (Extra IO’s maybe required via expansion modules)

·        Full channel live logging with laptop connected to aid diagnostics

·        Oscilloscope function for diagnostics

·        Access to add sensors as necessary which can be monitored in logs, added protections or displayed on appropriate optional dash’s

·        Ability to lock selected parts of the calibration file so ideal for control racing like Civic Cup but still allows engineer access for diagnostics, adding and changing data-streams and sensors without being able to edit the protected critical engine controls.

·        Ability to easily change and re-calibrate sensors prone to failure like TPS and MAP without having to access main protected ECU parameters