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Jenvey Plug & Play ITB's Individual Throttle Bodies Honda K20/K24 -Series



Please allow 4-8 weeks for delivery from initial order

NOTE - Requires mappable ECU and bigger injectors which are not included but we can source if required.

The Jenvey Honda Civic Type R EP3 ITB Kit has been designed and developed with Honda specialists, Tegiwa Imports Ltd to bolt straight into the engine bay of a Civic Type R EP3 without any major modification whilst significantly increase performance and throttle response of your engine leading to a reduction in lap times.

With individual throttle bodies, the Jenvey system optimises airflow to each cylinder, enhancing engine performance and maximising power output. This direct, precise control of air intake allows for improved throttle response, sharper acceleration, and a broader power band across the RPM range. Whether you're tearing up the track or cruising the streets, the Jenvey ITBs provide the responsiveness you need to conquer any road.

The kit includes 4 X 48mm parallel individual SF throttle bodies, curved manifold to avoid changes to the pulley, Jenvey cable linkage kit, short 20mm billet air horns, standard TPS adaptor along with an ITG air filter and backplate.

There are no modifications required to any of the pipes, pulleys, sensors or the fuel rail in order to fit them. The manifold itself is curved in order to clear the auxiliary pulley. The kit is finished off with an ITG foam filter that fits snuggly in the engine bay, maximising all possible space. The kit retains the use of the standard fuel rail, idle control valve, throttle position sensor, map sensor, canister purge valve and includes fittings for the PCV, brake boost and oil breathers.

Using these throttle bodiesdoesn't require any  supporting modifications other than a standalone ECU.

We do recommend upgrading your fuel injectors however as the standard injectors will be running close to their full duty cycle. 

In the test car saw a peak figure of 251.1bhp on the Tegiwa Maha dyno, an additional 13.8bhp over a tune with just a Tegiwa Carbon Airbox, Tegiwa Exhaust Manifold and Tegiwa 70mm Catback Exhaust. You can read the full blog, here.

The kit includes:

  • 4x 48mm individual throttle bodies
  • Throttle Linkage
  • Manifold
  • Air horns
  • ITG Air Filter

Technical Information

ID Bodies: 48mm

ID Air Horns: 48mmx19mm

95mm Air Filter