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Honda CRZ Tuning Package


We have put together some very efficient, extremely cost effective, without paying a huge scene tax, "Tuning Packages" that are relatively straight forward to install but give outstanding results when combined with our remapping files.

With 2 options of proven intakes and exhausts as well as many individual parts if you already have something it offers great flexibility to get the best out of your car.

Supplied with any of these packages is a direct plug in KTuner module. The V1.2 is a Bluetooth module that you can store upto 5 calibration files, edit, load maps and log direct from a laptop the sync to a phone or compatible android head unit to create custom gauges as well as change map files direct to ECU.

The V2 has its own built in configurable screen and offers all the same features as the V1.2

Included in the package price is a full remote tune or dyno tuning when mutually agreed and when the KTuner is initially loaded and configured there are selectable start maps in the software to get you up and running immediately. 

Package Options

KTuner Versions

V1.2 or V2 The V1.2 is a modular unit that plugs direct into the diagnostics port and can store upto 5 calibration files as well as outputting to a phone or suitable android head unit so custom gauges can be created and maps changed without need for a laptop,

V2 has same functionality as the V1.2 but also has its own 5" Touch screen display


2 of the more popular and best performing intakes which fulfil individuals requirements are the Injen and Takeda


2 Good value, well-made systems here with the AEM and Spoon Axel back system

Expect to see around 20-30bhp at peak and upto 20bhp midrange uplift when remapped