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We are able to offer FULL CUSTOM remapping to the stock ECU without the necessity of Jailbreaking the ECU and buying a costly Hondata interface.

We helped develop al lot of the flash maps that we and other companies have been using but are also able to take it the next step and allow full custom mapping to literally any modification and level of tune the customer may require.

As well as all the normal benefits you see with remapping and ability to run effectively 3 different power maps with the 3 setting modes we can also alter rev and launch limiters, soft or hard limiter cuts and bring it alive for those wanting a little burble on the over-run.

We are also able to create full backup reads from the point the car comes to us of the ECU as well as having the ability to "Clone" the ECU if a duplicate is required

Remapping still retains full functionality of all OEM systems and can still read any check codes and diagnostic functions through the OBD Diagnostics port

ECU's already cracked: (Please check the code number on the ECU to ensure its supported)

ECU Code location on side of ECU which is located next to battery


  • 37820-5BF-E03
  • 37820-5BF-E12
  • 37820-5BF-E13
  • 37820-5BF-E23
  • 37820-5BF-E34



Logging the modified calibration file live on the dyno (FK2 shown)