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EFI Technology - Euro 12 ECU

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EFI Euro 12 ECU

Professional Motorsport ECU for twin bank engines having up to 12 cylinders.

The Euro 12 ECU is derived from the same platform as Euro 8. The Euro 12 engine management system is designed specifically with twin bank applications in mind. Within its hardware there is provision for 16 individually programmable port injector drivers and 12 individual ignition drivers (both logic or inductive type). Euro 12 also features direct injection control strategies and much like the Euro 8 requires the addition of EFI Technology’s EFN27 or EFR14 direct injection driver modules. With the EFR14 module Euro 12 provides a solution to run engines having up to 12 PFI and 12 GDI injectors combined.

The ECUs specifications match OEM equipment and their necessary strategies, such as dual DC motor wastegate control, SENT communication protocol, PFI/GDI mixing and twin high-pressure fuel pump control. It also has provision for quad camshaft VCT with missing tooth trigger arrangement.

Twin self-learn closed loop NTK lambdas (up to 4 lambda with CLC available), twin half bridge electronic throttle outputs, combined full bridge throttle output, Traction control, Paddle shift gearbox control, increased Input/output control, Flex fuel capability, pressure/temperature-based RPM limiters, Launch control, Knock control, on-board 128mb datalogging & CAN data export over its 3 CAN bus ports all feature as standard. Euro 12 also benefits from Ethernet connection for rapid download/upload of data.

It comes readily compatible with ASAP3 communication, allowing easy integration into most automotive test cell environments and software selectable speed sensor input type (inductive EM / Hall) as well as second switchable crank shaft sensor input for ultimate endurance reliability.

Euro12 is produced in a mil-spec package featuring 3 x Autosport/Mil-spec connections for reliability and endurance in the harshest of motorsport environments.

Software selectable engine types & patterns (up to 16 cylinders) include:

60-2, 48-2 (360), 48-2 (720), 36-1, 36-2, 30-2, 4-2, 18-2, 4 equi, 5 equi, 6 equi, 8 equi, 10 equi, 12 equi, 4+1, 12+1, 20+1 (Zytek, McLaren NME V8), Gallardo V10, Corvette V8, Honda K20, BMW S65B40 V8, BMW S85B50 V10.

Special software & encrypted hardware versions available for series or production use.