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The EcuTek ECU Connect is a program that when linked with the EcuTek Bluetooth interface allows connectivity between the ECU and your device (iPad, iPhone and other tablets and smartphones).

Please note that you will need the map updated to use the extra features of the EcuTek Interface.

The Bluetooth Interface when using the EcuTek Connect Software allows you to do the following:

Data Logging:
  • Display and record factory datalogging parameters on the app
  • With RaceROM add up to 100 custom datalogging parameters including fuel injection volume; per cylinder knock; injector angle; G-sensors; wheel-slip ratio and many more
  • Store your log files for future reference or receive logs from your customers from within the app

Performance Analyser:

  • Record 0-60, quarter mile, Vmax and more. Share online instantly and store these results for comparison

Read and Clear DTC's and ECU Reset:

  • Not only the engine ECU but the gearbox ECU, ABS etc, and clear all learnt values resetting the ECU to default settings (vehicle-model dependent)

Map Switch and Valet Mode:

  • Switch Map or turn on/off valet mode with your phone

Launch and Boost Control:

  • Adjust the launch RPM and vary the maximum boost pressure allowed using sliders on your phone

Live Adjustments Using Custom Maps:

  • Change Ignition, fuelling or CAM timing live with your phone
  • Switch on solenoids or relays and adjust their power output with a swipe of your finger

Dealer Locator

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Apple Store Link for App Download: Click Here

Kit Contents:

  • EcuTek Bluetooth Interface Module
  • USB to Mini USB cable
  • Quick Start Guide