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This function allows user adjustability through the free app to adjust the responsiveness of the throttle on a slider.

At Minimum its normal then at Max it can double the response on a sliding scale. Its also dulled down in 1st and 2nd where it only increases upto a maximum of 1.5x in first and 1.75 in second then its x2 from 3rd gear on.

Another feature tested and available on Ecutek mapped Honda's including our own closed loop adaptive adjustable traction control, Valet mode, switchable crackle on over-run and the now the new Adjustable throttle response which makes the old throttle amplifiers redundant!

Couple this with the separate ECO mode you have a wide range of control and drivability adjustments at your fingertips. 

Available through the Phoneflash system if your already registered and cars previously mapped by us or can be added when visiting for remapping.

Bluetooth module is necessary for any of these extra features to work and are available here: Licencing and Hardware - PhoneFlash by Ecutek — TPW Engineering

Ecutek without a doubt the best tuning solution for 8th Gen Civic control systems