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Honda Civic Type-R FN2 "Ecutek" Remote tuning


TPW Engineering are able to offer remote tuning to 8th Gen Civic FN2 Type-Rs for people not able to make the trip to us directly.

NOTE: You will require an interface device which isn't included but you have the option of selecting the ProECU kit which is an interface cable that goes between your laptop and the cars OBD socket and unique software dongle, or the Bluetooth ECU Connect module that can be connected directly to your laptop for file transfer but also offers interfacing with a phone or head unit app. We also give the option of not requiring a programming device as you may already have a cable.

For people that already have the ECU Connect bluetooth module then you only need to select the "Programming Key Only" Programming device

With over 18 years experience of tuning the Honda K20 engines we are able to create custom calibration files to your specific setup and requirements thanks to the software's unique way of data-logging so many parameters we are able to construct a calibration that would be within 5% of what we could achieve if the car was actually being remapped on our dyno.

Due to the nature of reliance of on-board sensors we are only able to offer this service to people with NA setups however if your car is boosted and has already been mapped by us then we are able to offer remote support.

Typical timescales for completing a remote tune via returning logs and files would be apx 5 updates but maybe more required in some cases as we can collect so much data very quickly with varied driving styles we will guide you through.


EcuTek have been creating tuning suites for vehicles for over 12 years.
The feature package they have put together is unique to them with the features other products aren't able to offer for the Hondas such as 4 custom maps, auto blip on downshifts and were also the first to the market with flat foot shifting option and the adjustable launch control.

The map for the vehicle is custom to your car and you can even have options such as a Valet mode, this is great when the car has to go in for a service and you don't want the garage driving your car like they stole it.

We have also included an option where we will setup the EcuTek Bluetooth Interface for you, details of the product can be found here

Here is a list of some of the ECU features:

Adjustable Launch Control
Determine and set your own launch rpm preferences. The launch RPM is adjustable from the cruise control switch gear and can be enabled for any of the four Map Switch modes. The Ignition Timing and AFR can be calibrated pre-launch and a progressive time based after launch feature prevents excessive wheel spin. This is a standard feature and included with the mapping as standard.

Four-way Map Switching 
Four separate modes that can be selected using he cruise control switch gear with the rev counter providing a visual indication of the current mode selected. Create Custom Maps to add or remove fueling or timing and enable features like Launch Control, Flat Foot Shift, Auto Blip or Speed Density in any of the modes, this is only available on the GT cars due to them having the cruise control buttons, for the non GT cars the EVI Bluetooth interface will be required.

Downshift Auto-Blip
The Auto-Blip feature applies a short burst of throttle when the driver is down-shifting under braking. This raises the RPM to help provide a smooth entry into the lower gear, reducing engine braking and shocks to the transmission. (Included FOC if equipped with cruise control)

Flat Foot Shifting
This allows you to change gear without lifting your foot off the accelerator, it works by cutting the ignition for enough time to allow you to select the next gear. (Included FOC if equipped with cruise control)

With Custom Maps you can have...

Flex-Fuel Tuning 
The Type R can be accurately tuned for any ethanol content ratio, making it a safe and reliable Flex-Fuel setup. Custom Maps offers detailed ignition and fuel control for any given ratio, even linked to turbocharger boost control. 

Fail Safe Maps 
Fail Safe maps can be created to protect the engine should the fuelling run lean at high RPM or high speed. Additional protection can be added for air, coolant and oil temperature exceeding certain thresholds. 

Closed-Loop Fuel Control 
Create a full-load closed-loop AFR control strategy on full power using proportional and integral compensation maps to adjust fuel injection volume for a given AFR error. 

Closed-Loop Boost Control 
Custom Maps can offer a wastegate-solenoid-driven boost control on forced induction setups. It can be basic open-loop control or sophisticated closed loop with proportional and integral control, and gear, temperature and altitude compensations can be added. This output duty cycle control can be used with supercharging to recirculate or vent inlet manifold pressure under part load when undersized drives are used. 

We are also able to add customised options some of which may carry an additional charge.

    • Pops and Bangs
      Vast majority of performance cars nowadays are featuring this Pops and bangs mode which crackles on over-run and when shifting when in sport mode so why not have that option. Simple enough for us to set it up as another selectable map
    • Valet Mode
      With This it allows the car to only go to 30mph or 4000 rpm whichever it reaches first, this is ideal if you leave your car in for servicing or at a car parking facility, it is setup all through the cruise control buttons.
    • Anti Start Mode
      In this mode the car will not start, if the car is running it shuts the engine off as well, this a great feature if you leave the car for long periods of times unattended.
    • Low Octane Fuel Map
      This is ideal if you are going to an area where the higher octane fuels are not available.
    • Variable Boost Control
      With this feature it enables you to adjust the boost control via the steering wheel or via the EVI bluetooth interface, this includes the necessary extra wiring and boost control solenoid for this feature to work - please note this is for turbo applications only.

 With the system we now have the optional addition of Traction Control

The Traction Control system includes a progressive wheel slip strategy; utilising throttle control and ignition retard this system is far superior to the basic and obtrusive factory control. Please see the video below showing the traction control working on a customers turbo charged FN2 Civic Type R; you can hear when the ECU is detecting the wheel slip and cutting the throttle and ignition to keep the wheels gripping even with the very greasy road.