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Licencing and Hardware - PhoneFlash by Ecutek


What is Licencing and how does it work?

Ecutek PhoneFlash requires the user to setup an account in which to access the service. This is done through the free app in the links below and is all accessed through the app where once registered you will be able to access all calibration files sent to the users account and have the ability to load them into the vehicle as required.

The calibration files are linked by VIN number and can't be switched between different VIN numbers so if you have access to several vehicles then the kit can be moved between vehicles BUT each VIN will need to be licenced to use the Phoneflash system on that car. The licence is also transferred with the VIN if that car is sold which could be a selling point at a later date when mentioned.


PhoneFlash VIN Licencing fee for people who already own or have access to a Bluetooth Connect is £64.99

Phoneflash account registration together with a Bluetooth Connect is £329.99


ECU Connect - Apps on Google Play

‎ECU Connect on the App Store (