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Civic FN2 Type-R Tuning Package


We have put together some very efficient, extremely cost effective without paying a huge scene tax, "Tuning Packages" for the 8th Gen FN2 Type-R's

With 2 options of proven intakes, exhaust manifold and proven exhausts as well as individual parts if you already have something it offers great flexibility to get the best out of your car.

Package price includes supply, fitting and full dyno tuning on our in-house dyno on the Ecutek engine management software system and includes multi-map setup if you have working cruise control equipped cars.

(Adding other parts as well as mapping options is also possible and can be arranged separately)

Package Options

2 of the most popular and best performing intakes which fulfil individuals' requirements are the Injen and the latest generation Direnza intake.

Japspeed have been providing a good quality well performing system that we have been working with for many years and totally happy with the quality and performance they deliver.

(NOTE- This does remove the cat from the vehicle so will fail an MOT emissions test so for off road use only, unless the optional 400CEL cat is fitted which requires the TPW Exhaust system.

The 400CEL CAT section is available to order here )

2 Good value, well-made systems here with the Japspeed Dual exit system and the TPW 3" "Track Friendly" system which offers 2 options of tailpipes and is a tried and tested full 3" system

ECU Remap 
Using the Ecutek system that we helped develop you can be sure we will extract the full potential from your car and add whatever features you may require including options like Flast foot shifting, rev match on downshift, Adjustable launch control, Economy mode, Security and valet modes, protection routines along with our own traction control systems. (Note that some options may not be possible and depends on the vehicle version and the list is shown as an example of some of the things that are possible.)

Please Note - Some parts may be on back order due to distribution and manufacturing constraints so expect delivery time to be sometimes 4-6 weeks before booking in is possible.