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When tuning for the turbo engine that Honda has increased its adoption in the recent progress of the power train, we thought that the turbo engine is an NA engine with extremely excellent intake efficiency.

"It is an important factor to efficiently improve the output to guide as much air as possible to the combustion chamber with less resistance," which I gained through my experience in tuning many NA engines. This product was born from our idea.

The output of this throttle body is improved because the flow path area can be increased and the amount of intake air can be increased by increasing the butterfly diameter.

Furthermore, by increasing the surface roughness inside the body and lowering the flow path resistance, the flow velocity of the intake air increases and the response can be improved.

In addition, the intake layout of Honda cars is also very good even with a turbo engine, and in order to maximize its performance, it is based on the normal throttle body, so it does not require any processing on the vehicle body side. It is a feature of the product.
Remarks & special notes
Throttle inlet diameter 65.0mm (STD 62.5mm) Area ratio up 8.2%
Butterfly diameter 62.0mm (STD 60.0mm) Area ratio up 6.8%