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The product developed this time is a full bumper type that can be replaced with a genuine bumper and uses FRP as the material. While following the simple style of the successive Civics, it has a design that retains the dynamic feeling of the FK8's normal bumper and achieves both functionality and functionality.
The biggest feature in terms of functionality is that the area around the grill is a mesh type and has been expanded to the maximum.

The biggest weak point in FK8 sports driving is the problem of the cooling system, but the bumper designed to guide the running wind to the radiator and intercooler as much as possible and improve the cooling performance is the entire front grille part. A lightweight resin mesh is used for the engine, and by using a mesh for both side ducts of the dummy in the genuine product, it is possible to take in the running wind on the side parts, and the installation of a retrofit oil cooler and intake duct is also considered. increase.
The lip part adopts an integrated structure with the bumper. We have realized a smooth design with no steps that inherits the traditional style of SPOON Civic. In addition, the genuine brake duct inside the bumper can be used as it is.

It is possible to transplant and install the genuine fog lamp.

Full FRP specifications are also available for owners who want their favourite colouring.
Remarks & special notes
Compatible with 6BA-FK8 (vehicles equipped with Honda Sensing).
A special panel is attached to the left (millimetre wave radar side) grill.

(Caution) As with the genuine bumper, there is a possibility that an error will occur in Honda Sensing, such as when the millimetre wave radar is damaged, on rough roads, or when driving in the rain.

・ FRP white gel coat finish, so painting is required.

・ Be sure to temporarily align the products before painting. The product will be deformed in an environment such as a painting booth / heater, so please dry it naturally without applying heat.
・ When the temperature is low, such as in winter, or when the humidity is high, dry the product at 40 ° C or less.
・ Do not heat partially. It may cause distortion.