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Marlin - R18 Stage1 "Ecutek" Remapped ECU - (Manual transmission)


The Marlin Stage1 Remap for the 2006-11 1.8 Manual Civic is exclusive to TPW Engineering and is suitable for cars that are standard or have an intake and exhaust. 

Programmed using an Ecutek base file created by us with a licence applied this means that the ECU is also custom mappable later by any Ecutek dealer at a reduced price it is also compatible with Ecutek remote tuning systems.

  • Raised Rev limiter
  • Adjustable launch control*
  • Flat foot shifting*
  • Blips on downshift*
  • Crackle on over-run*

Available as a complete new ECU or loaded onto a customer supplied ECU the choice is yours.

Warning - The Stage1 Remap is not suitable for cars with decats fitted. For these you will need the Stage2 Remap.

The remap benefits from a much improved throttle response everywhere and increased midrange power.

The ECU will be fine running on 95Ron fuel but higher is recomended.

* As well as the benefits of the remap the ECU will also come packed with other features like Flat Foot shifting, Blips on downshifts, Crackle on over-run if the car is a GT model.

Upgrade to Stage2 is possible at extra cost if manifold is added later.

Instructions can be found here

(Please Note - Factory Cruise control will no longer work and the dash trip consumption displays will no longer function correctly)