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BHP increase : +40-50bhp

Lb.ft gain : +40-50 lb.ft

Suitable for cars from totally standard through to intakes with de-catted exhaust systems our maps have been extensively tested on our own cars for months before releasing them to general public

Stage 1 - Suitable for cars with uprated intakes and exhaust systems retaining stock CAT

Stage 2 - Suitable for cars with HFC's and De-cat downpipes

(Custom remapping options to specific upgrades such as engine and turbo systems available upon request but we would normally stear people towards one of our Hondata or Syvecs packages that allow far more control and flexibility)

Remapping with before and after dyno runs available if arranged to carry out the remapping in Warrington at a £50 charge

Remapping available at any location as long as there is a mains power supply available