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HONDA D14/D16/D17 PLUG & PLAY ECU SOLUTION - (2001 to 2006)


For 2001 to 2005 Honda's with D14/D16/D17 Engines with Coil-on-Plugs and no Distributor we have a Plug-and-Play ECU Tuning Solution.

The Engine can be left untouched, no need to replace any Sensor or Cam-Gear!

All stock function remain, even the Air Condition and the Gauge Cluster will work.


     • Plug-n-Play, no need to replace any Sensor or Cam Gear
     • All stock function remain, even Air Condition and Gauge Cluster
     • Edit Fuel, Ignition Tables
     • Expanded Tables for Boost (20x20 Cells)
     • VTEC Control incl. full VTEC Window
     • Idle Control
     • Rev Limiters, Fuel and Ignition Cut*
     • Shiftlight by Gear
     • Launch Control (2 Step) by Ignition Cut 
     • Flatshift (3 Step) by Igniton Cut
     • Flatshift by Gear
     • Lambda Control
     • Boost Control by Gear
     • Nitrous Control
     • And much more …
     ECU for D includes:

     • (used) K-Series ECU, special modified for D-Series Engines
     • USB Connection Cable
     • Software license for the Tuning package

     System Requirements for the PC Software:

     Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, 10
     CPU 1 GHz+
     Ram 1 GB+
     Harddrive 10MB+ free
     USB 2.0 Port
     Screen Resolution 1440x900 or higher recommended