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FN2 Tuning Packages (Supplied with Marlin "Ecutek" Stage1 or Stage2 ECU)


We have put together some very efficient, cost effective "Tuning Packages" that are relatively straight forward to install but give outstanding results when combined with our own EcuTek based Marlin ECU which is also supplied.

(We are also offering £100 refund for exchange of your old ECU received in good working order which will no longer be required)

With 2 options of proven intakes, proven exhaust manifolds and proven exhausts as well as individual parts if you already have something it offers great flexibility to get the best out of your car.

A Marlin ECU will be packaged together with the order suitable for the modifications giving true plug and play modifying and we will ensure you have the correct one for your needs before sending it out so there is no confusion.

Package Options

2 of the most popular and best performing intakes which fulfil individuals requirements are the Injen Cold Air system that doesn't require battery relocation and filter position inside the bumper in front of the left hand wheel giving a true direct cold air feed, and the other is the Tegiwa Carbon airbox which is same design as the popular Mugen one with a large volume air tract from the fog-light direct into the high volume smoothed airbox. True closed airbox with cold air feed and standard look and reduced intake noise.

Exhaust Manifolds
The Tegiwa Manifold has been available for about 13 years now and is based on the design of the Toda ones. Great midrange punch and good top end power

The Other Manifold we offer in the packages is the Japspeed one Re-designed and slightly bigger bore is exceptional value for money and makes similar power at peak as the Tegiwa but seems to pick up at lower revs slightly better.

You wont be disappointed with either!

2 Good value, well-made systems here.

The Tegiwa is a 70mm single exit and the Cobra is a dual exit so retains stock setup. Both perform equally well.

One of our own Marlin Remapped ECUs will be provided in the package be it a Stage1 or Stage2

Either will come setup for direct fitment and include the following features:

  • Lower Vtec
  • Raised Rev limiter
  • Adjustable launch control*
  • Flat foot shifting*
  • Blips on downshift*
  • Crackle on over-run*

* Available for GT model vehicles with cruise control buttons


Typical Stage1 ECU results with an Intake and Exhaust

Typical Stage2 ECU results with an Intake, Exhaust Manifold and Exhaust