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Free Disable-KILL map available for Ecutek Phoneflash customers
Free Disable-KILL map available for Ecutek Phoneflash customers

FK2 Tuning Packages (Including Hondata Flashpro and Custom Tuning)


We have put together some very efficient, extremely cost effective without paying a huge scene tax, "Tuning Packages" that are relatively straight forward to install but give outstanding results when combined with our remapping files.

With 2 options of proven intakes, proven downpipes and proven exhausts as well as individual parts if you already have something it offers great flexibility to get the best out of your car.

A Hondata Flashpro is included and a "Tuned" calibration will be supplied via email so car can be run immediately after jail-breaking then custom tuning can be arranged with us through the fitting centre later or remotely which will be the most efficient way to work

NOTE - ECU unlocking isn't included and is carried out once Flashpro is connected and purchased direct through Hondata by end user at cost of $250

Package Options

2 of the most popular and best performing intakes which fulfil individuals requirements are the Injen and the latest generation Eventuri Carbon intake.

Cobra are a very well known UK Performance exhaust manufacturer that we have been working with for many years and totally happy with the quality and performance they deliver.

We have 2 options for Downpipes with the High Flow Sport Cat which should enable you to pass emissions tests with it fitted and the fully decatted "Race" downpipe

2 Good value, well-made systems here with the Cobra Resonated system and the Japspeed which offers stunning value for a tried and tested full 3" system

Expect to see around 50-70bhp uplift with custom remapping.