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COBB - Mazdaspeed3 Stage 1+ Power Package Gen2 Mazdaspeed 2010-2013



The COBB Tuning Stage 1+ Power Pack is the ultimate power bundle for your 1st Gen MAZDASPEED3! Simple plug-in and bolt-on installation offers excellent power gains with outstanding build quality. The Stage 1+ Power Pack includes: COBB Accessport - The most comprehensive MAZDASPEED OEM ECU tuning solution available. SF Intake & airbox - Power, looks, and sound! Turbo Inlet Hose - Optimized flow to your turbo! Rear Engine Mount - Improve traction and reduce wheel hop! The Stage 1+ Power Pack comes with your choice of either blue or black colour for the SF Intake and Turbo Inlet hose.

Want a simple bolt-on and tuning solution for the 20010-2013 MAZDASPEED3? Why not buy the COBB Mazdaspeed3 Stage 1+ Power Package! Get the convenience of tuning with the new Accessport V3, provide more air to your engine with the SF Intake, AirBox, and Turbo Inlet Hose. Plus upgraded HPFP internals to keep the fuel supply happy and lastly, reduce wheel hop and excessive engine movement with the Rear Motor Mount.


Mazdaspeed3 Stage 1+ Power Package Gen1 Mazdaspeed 2010-2013

  • Accessport V3 - included OTS maps make tuning quick and easy
  • SF Intake + Air Box
  • Autotech HPFP Internals
  • Turbo Inlet
  • Rear Motor Mount