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Civic Type-R 2017 FK8 - ASBO MAP


 Civic Type-R 2017 FK8 - Custom "ASBO" map

  • 10/10 owners surveyed loved it.
  • 8/10 neighbours living next door to the 10/10 surveyed owners ...… hated it!

    Available if ordered at same time as custom tuning is carried out on any FK8 on Ktuner and is a completely customised calibration that's based on the specific tune carried out but with the added crackle on over-run and on demand pops and bangs by tapping the accelerator pedal over certain revs.

    Totally safe for the engine and often featured on many new performance cars direct from factory when put into sport mode like the BMW M's Audi RS and AMG as just a few examples.

    Available as selectable maps on the V1.2 and V2 modules, the calibration file will be loaded onto the unit and will be able to switch between the Custom tune, ASBO tune or back to stock through the press of  button on your phone app using Tunerview or head unit if enabled.

    Be sure to add this to your basket with any FK8 KTuner remapping so we know to allow enough time for creating the custom calibration files needed.