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Civic EP3 Type-R "Pre 2022 Civic Cup" Tuning Package

TPW Engineering - Creator and supplier of control maps and ECUs for the Civic Cup Championship since 2011 now supplying a bespoke "Cup Package" for EP3 owners based on the "Pre" 2022 spec cars.

Since the early days back in 2011 we were working together with the organisers to remap the cars, originally the old B16 ones on Hondata S300s then when the EP3's started arriving on the grid we were asked to create a solid control map suitable for the control parts fitted that would give a proven 230bhp which we did and is still used to this day.

Every EP3 that has run in Civic Cup has had one of our maps which we are very proud of given how well and consistent the cars have been as well as incorporating the flexibility of allowed parts and engine changes.

2022 saw the introduction of a different set of control parts which due to cost and current availability aren't included in these packages but we have included the parts and equivalents to give some options that are compatible with the control map and ecu that will be supplied and were available to run on cars upto 2021.


With 2 options of proven intakes, exhaust manifold and proven exhausts as well as individual parts if you already have something it offers great flexibility to get the best out of your car.

Package price includes supply and fitting of parts along with supply of a new Hondata Kpro4 ECU with the "Cup Map" installed then a dyno run to check everything's ok and give that all essential proof people want.

(Adding other parts as well as mapping options is also possible and can be arranged separately along with custom mapping on our in-house dyno at extra cost)

Package Options

2 of the most popular and best performing EP3 intakes which fulfil individuals' requirements are the Civic Cup control Tegiwa Carbon intake along with the proven Injen CAI intake.

The control, Tegiwa Exhaust manifold is the one of choice based on the top performing "Toda" design and will be supplied along with uprated inserts but will require a JDM front ARB which isn't supplied. The map also works well with the Toda and Japspeed ones if customers already have them fitted but not the basic decats, Piper or CPL ones.

(NOTE- This does remove the cat from the vehicle so will fail an MOT emissions test so for off road use only, unless the optional 400CEL cat is fitted which requires the TPW Exhaust system.

(The 400CEL CAT section is available to order here )

The Tegiwa 70mm was the system of choice in Civic Cup. It's also a good value system with the alternative option being the TPW 3" "Track Friendly" exhaust

A new Hondata Kpro4 will be provided with the Cup map installed into the customers ECU. The car will then be run up on the dyno to ensure everything is OK and give that all important dyno sheet. - No custom dyno tuning will take place unless specifically arranged as not necessary given the package is specific for the map provided.

(Note that custom mapping is available as an extra if extra parts are fitted like intake manifolds, different injectors, cams etc at an additional cost and arranged prior to visiting at £200)

 *This is a special package deal price on the ECU and not available separately!

Please Note - Some parts may be on back order due to distribution and manufacturing constraints so expect delivery time to be sometimes 4-6 weeks before booking in is possible.